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  • Labels

    One of our Star labels is the compatible TSP700-800 50mm x 25mm. These labels are made of thermal material with a removable adhesion. Thermal material means that the labels have to be printed with a thermal printer, the Star TSP800. Thermal labels change colour when exposed to heat, so no ink is needed. This printer comes with a 25mm core. The core is very important for your printer. When in doubt, please contact us. The compatible Star labels TSP700-800 50mm x 25mm are multifunctional labels.

  • Receipt Rolls

    Receipt Rolls

    If you place your receipt roll inside the cash register itself,

    then you probably use either 57 mm and the printer uses 80 mm wide receipt rolls


    The rolls differ in the type of paper:

    Standard voucher rolls:

    BisPhenolA free paper that complies with EU legislation for voucher rolls.

    Phenol free voucher rolls:

    Based on paper completely free of Phenols, which provides an environmental boost beyond EU legislation.

  • T-Shirt

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